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10 juli 2019
crowdforce #13 sociaal ondernemen

Crowdforce #14: Rotterdam van Morgen

10 juli 2019
consumentengedrag in de supermarkt

De Hamvraag #4 – Consumens-erger-je-niet!

20 juni 2019
grootste haven grootste uitdaging

Rotterdam van Morgen: Grootste Haven Grootste Uitdaging

14 juni 2019

R’damse Nieuwe Podcast

23 mei 2019

IABx 2019: Toerisme in Rotterdam

24 april 2019

Economische Verkenning Rotterdam in gesprek met R’damse Nieuwe

20 februari 2019
Crowd Force Rotterdam #13 - Sociaal Ondernemen

Crowd Force Rotterdam #13

11 juli 2018

De hamvraag: Of je worst lust?!

23 mei 2018

De Ongezouten Mening van Diana van Ewijk – Food Column 4

2 mei 2018

De Ongezouten Mening van Lukas Taks – Food Column 3

2 mei 2018

Crowd Force Rotterdam #12 – Sport

23 januari 2018

De Ongezouten Mening van Herman Poos – Food Column 2

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13 juni 2018

Border Sessions – Tech Culture Festival

Border Sessions is a yearly tech culture festival on a mission to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavors with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects. We unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change. We offer a multifaceted platform bringing together a wide array of participants ranging from the public to the private sector. Together with our partner network and community we examine groundbreaking technologies and work towards solutions for a better world. The program is build around five main tracks: Humanity, Society, Cities, Nature and And Beyond. 2018 marks the 7th edition of the festival.